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Childhood illness is an inevitable part of school life. It can be difficult to know how long to keep your child off for while they recover. It is worth noting that by following the Public Health guidelines above that you are also protecting other children and staff from becoming ill if you return your sick child too early.

Many illnesses can be avoided by following some basic rules that some children need reminding about. 

  • Children usually know how to use the toilet properly once they arrive at Reception - typical problems that arise are how to effectively use toilet paper and how to wash hands properly afterwards. It is up to the parent to teach their child what to do in the bathroom to reduce anxiety and any toilet mishaps. 
  • When sneezing or coughing remind children to cover their mouths and use a clean tissue and not their hand or sleeve if they need to wipe their nose.
  • Remind children to tell an adult if they feel sick so we can get them a sick bucket, move them to a quieter area so they have more privacy and look after them until you are able to collect them. This all helps us to monitor the spread of infectious illnesses and helps us to keep illness from the rest of the classes. Children cannot return to school after a sickness or tummy bug for a minimum of 48 hours after the last bout of sickness.
  • Please make sure you have updated your emergency contact numbers so that we are able to reach you.

Please don't forget to report the reason for your child's absence every day before 8:50am.

When reporting your child's absence - please state your child's name, year group and the reason for their absence. As required by law, we log this information on our SIMS attendance data every morning and afternoon.