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St Andrew's CofE Primary School Shifnal

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Administering Medication

Medications - This is a purely voluntary role and is recognised as such by the Government. While staff have a general legal duty of care to their pupils, this does not extend to a requirement to routinely administer medicines. Furthermore, the school nurse has instructed us that antibiotic liquid should be kept in the fridge for maximum benefit.

Therefore, at St. Andrew’s we operate the following policy:

a) If a child has a prescription for 4 doses of medication, we will administer a dose during the school day. Please note that it is the parent/carers responsibly to hand in and collect the medication and fill in the appropriate form.

b) We will in exceptional circumstances administrator Calpol for example following a broken arm, if it supports a child attending school but we will not administer Calpol for routine coughs, colds and if your child has a high temperature they should not be in school but be monitored at home.

c) Due to the risk of choking, we do not allow throat sweets in schools, this is also to prevent children sharing them with other pupils and eating them like sweets.

d) We continue to monitor and support children with Asthma and again forms are available from the school office if your child needs an inhaler.

Please note that it is a misuse of GP time to take up an appointment just to acquire a prescription for an ‘Over The Counter’ medicine wholly to satisfy the needs of the school. 

The school can administer medication (prescribed by a doctor).  Please supply the medication to the school office supported by the signed parental agreement form.

Parental Agreement Form